Udemy Review [ Can You REALLY Make Money Selling Courses Here? ]

Udemy Review

Quick Summary of selling on Udemy

Ideal for:

  • Bloggers
  • YouTubers
  • Businesses
  • Anyone looking to make extra income sharing their skills

What we Like

What we Don’t Like

  • One of the most popular E-Learning Platforms
  • Customize your course they way you want
  • Choose your own prices
  • Has a large instructor community
  • Can be a lot of competition in some fields
  • Your thumbnail & course description really needs to stand out as it can get lost in the crowd
  • Udemy can take up to 50% of sales
Value for Money
Value For Money
Ease of Use
Ease of Use

Udemy is a massive E-Learning marketplace that has an abundance of courses you can learn from.

There are millions of people from all over the world taking courses through Udemy every single day!

However, this Udemy review isn’t about learning a course. It’s more about teaching a course instead.

If you feel you’ve got skills, knowledge or life experience you want to share with other like-minded people, Udemy can be a great place to teach and sell your own course!

So Why Sell Courses on Udemy?

Well, first off like I said there are millions of people buying and learning new courses every single day, as a matter of fact there are over 30 million people!

From these 30 million people, as a total they have enrolled in over 190 million courses.

That’s a lot of learning being done!

So what exactly does this mean for you if you’re looking to sell your own course?

  • Well, straight away you can see the audience is definitely there and people are willing to buy a course they feel they can benefit from.
  • Udemy is probably one of the most well known E-Learning platforms that is basically a household name.
  • There are a range of categories or industries you can teach in that is easily navigated to by students.
  • You can create your own prices for your course.
  • Your course can be taught in over 50 different languages.
  • Udemy can help link you to students in over 190 countries.
  • They have a fully dedicated support team that will guide you through how to set up your own course.
"Launching my first course on Udemy allowed me to quit my full-time job and start my own company. I went from working 60+ hour weeks to setting my own hours and schedule."
Udemy Testimonial
Colt Steel

What Could I Earn?

There are a lot of people teaching courses on Udemy that are earning 6-figure salaries!

It all comes down to a few factors:

  • The demand for the course itself
  • How well you teach the course
  • The quality of the information and skills being taught

People will pay for well taught, informative and helpful courses that is going to help them achieve the certain skills they need.

Whether this be for possible career advancement or simply hobbies and interests.

As you develop out your course and more and more people begin to take it, the bigger your authority will become in that certain niche.

First thing possible students look for is how many enrolments and ratings you have.

The more and better ratings you have, the more people will take your course resulting in greater income potential.

Just have a look at a few of these examples:

(At current time of writing Udemy has a sale on)

So, as you can see this course on Ultimate Photoshop Training is being sold on sale for £9.99. However, this course usually sells at £199.99.

If you take a look at the enrolments, there are 68,746 students who have taken or are taking the course.

Now, let’s even say we even go off the sale price. That means this course alone has made £686,772!

As part of Udemy’s pricing structure, they take 50% of all sales which means this instructor would have earned £343,386!

However, we believe this figure to be much higher as a good proportion of people would have purchased the course at full price.

Udemy Investing in Stocks Example

Another very successful course.

Investing In Stocks – The Complete Course

This course is also currently on sale for £9.99 – usually priced at £199.99.

It has 54,241 enrolments which means this course would have made (going off sale price) £541,867!

The instructor would have made £270,933!

That’s over a quarter of a millions pounds!

Now, you may think that reducing the sale price down from £199.99 down to £9.99 is losing you out on £190 on each sale.

You are right

But think of it like this – instead of 10 people purchasing your course at £199.99, you may now get 1000 people purchasing your course at £9.99.

That’s a whopping increase in profits of £7,991!

Every now and again Udemy will have a sale on their courses as they understand that low price means greater sales!

That’s more money your making in your hand!

Udemy Pricing

Udemy is completely free to sign up to where you can start creating and selling your own courses straight away.

However, their general fee structure is based on a 50/50 return on your sales.

From every sale, you make 50% of it and the other 50% is Udemys for hosting, advertising, use of service etc.

Instructor Coupons

Now, Udemy also offer Instructor Coupons where if a student clicks on your coupon link and purchases your course – you make 97% of the sale (3% goes on admin costs).

If you build up your own mailing list, this can be a great way of making more money!

Paid User Acquisition Channel Sales

You are also able to use Paid User Acquisition Channel Sales through Udemy.

Basically getting Udemy to promote your courses through their own marketing team what’s called the Udemy Marketing Boost Program.

Here, in most cases, you as the instructor receive 25% of the sale price and the other 75% is used to pay for advertising costs.

It’s a great way of getting the word out about your course and create awareness of it.

How Do I Get Started?

So, if you feel your ready to create your own course, it really couldn’t easier through Udemy.

Simply put in your name, email address and password you want and off you go!

Udemy Sign Up Step 1

First step is just to see if you have any experience in teaching online, in person or none.

Click the option that is suited to you.

Next step is to determine if you have any experience in front of the camera.

Almost all courses are taught using video and Udemy just wants to see where your at with it so they can tailor your teaching experience for you.

Udemy Sign Up Step 3

Lastly, Udemy are looking to see if you have kind of audience as of yet.

Whether you have a blog, YouTube following or simply just getting started and have no following yet.

Click the option best suited to you.

Once you’re all set up you will be brought through to your own Udemy Dashboard.

You can jump straight in and start teaching your course right away!

Setting Up Your Course

Creating your own course on Udemy couldn’t be easier.

A few simple steps will have you developing out your own course in no time.

Udemy Course Creation

So, first you’ll be asked if your creating a course or practice test.

Click on Course and you’ll be moved onto step 2.

Udemy Course Creation Step 2

Whatever your are looking to teach and sell, it’s now time to add a title that best represents your course.

Try think of something catchy at the end of your course name for example ‘Learn Social Media Marketing From The Professionals!’

Udemy Course Creation Step 3

Udemy now want to categorize your course so it’s easy to navigate to and find.

Choose the category that best represents your course.

Udemy Course Creation Step 4

Finally, you’ll be asked just how time you are planning to spend creating your course.

This is really to tailor make your Udemy experience here better where they can offer greater help and encouragement.

It will also be used for their own analytics in the background.

But simply choose how long you think you’ll spending creating your course.

Like it says, there is no wrong answer.

After you have filled out these steps, that will be you now ready to start creating the details of your course.


So, there you have it.

Udemy is an excellent course creator that has developed itself as one of the leading E-Learning sites on the web that has its own audience that enables you to benefit from yourself straight away.

The only drawback to this though is that there is a lot of people with very similar courses and it’s about try to compete against them to really bring your course into the light.

As long as you can develop really good content and an engaging learning experience with catchy titles, you should have no problem in selling your own course!

If you have any further questions, please drop me a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you.


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