Thinkific Review [ Is It What It’s Cracked Up To Be? ]

Thinkific Website

Review of Thinkific – An Online Teaching Course Creator

Founded: In 2012 by Greg Smith, Matt Payne, Matt Smith & Miranda Lievers

Prices: 4 memberships available:

$0 / $49 / $99 & $499

Ideal For:

  • Niche Site Experts
  • YouTubers
  • Businesses
  • Someone simply looking to teach their passion

Currently over 36,000 course creators

Over 16 million students enrolled in courses

Has been over $200 million earned in total by course creators

Ease of Use
Ease of Use
Value for Money
Value For Money

Quick Summary of Thinkific

Thinkific is classed as one of the most popular teaching platforms in the online teaching or E-learning market.

It has strong competition with the likes of Teachable, Udemy and Skillshare.

There are millions of people that are currently teaching & selling courses online through these various platforms.

However, this is a review of Thinkific and we are going to see if Thinkific actually is what it is all cracked up to be & see if it really is worth using!

Key features

  • Customise Your Own Brand
  • Use Your Own Domain
  • Full Suite of Business Tools
  • Engage & Interact More With Your Students
  • Try Thinkific Out For Free!

Customise Your Own Brand

Your course and your website is your own personal stamp on the world.

Make it the way you want it!

With Thinkific you can customise your own brand entirely from the theme right down to how your courses are delivered step-by-step.

The Drag-and-Drop feature is very easy and simple to use that allows you to add, delete or rearrange sections to make your course pages as beautiful as they can be.

Introduce a range of multimedia such as videos, images, texts, pdfs and Google Docs.

Furthermore, you can develop out your courses with quizzes, downloads, surveys and discussion boards.

It just gives you the ultimate package for an engaging learning experience for your students.

Use Your Own Domain

You have the ability to create or even use your own domain.

Thinkific understand that your brand is everything and this comes right down to your own personal indictor – your website name!

Having this option of creating your own domain just gives your courses and website that bit more authenticity and trustworthiness.

Students will see the website name you are using, the quality of courses you provide and either keep coming back for more or refer someone else to your website.

Full Suite of Business Tools

Thinkific wants to help build out your courses so you can deliver the optimum amount of quality and efficiency for your students making it easier for them to sign up, navigate, learn and pay.

You are able to integrate over 1000 external business and marketing apps from social media accounts to email marketing to different forms of paying.

Ways a student can take your course

Whenever you are selling your course, you can either sell it:

For freea great way of offering a teaser in hopes they purchase a paid-for course

As a one time paymentwill get a large payout 

On a subscription servicegenerates reoccurring monthly payouts

It’s up to you!

You sell your course how you want.

Students can pay in over 100 different currencies and with any credit card.

Once they pay, you get paid immediately!

Boost your course sales

With Thinkific you have the opportunity to skyrocket your course sales by offering coupons and promotions.

You can offer free trials, payment plans, upsells and custom first month payments.

If a potential student feels they are getting a good deal at the time of purchasing – the more students you will acquire and retain through the full duration of the course.

Convert ‘Possible Students’ to ‘Actual Students’ with email marketing

There are a variety of email marketing tools out there that you can connect to your course website such as MailChimp or Constant Contact.

Once you have your course website set up and online traffic is pumping through the gates, you’re going to have the people that convert to sales and then the people just looking around.

With the people that are just looking around, this is where an email marketing platform will comes in very handy.

More chance than not, these people will provide their email address to ‘go away & have a think about it firstly’.

You can then re-target these people by offering coupons or ‘Limited Time Offer’ deals.

I promise, this will increase your sales conversion massively!

Engage & Interact More With Your Students

There are a number of ways you can create a more engaging learning experience for your students.

Thinkific offer the chance of being able to test your students or provide communication between each other through quizzes and discussions that you can create for your course.

Throughout their learning, you can help encourage them with automated check-ins just to keep up their momentum.

Even at the end of your course, help celebrate their wins with a ‘High Five’ and provide your students with course completion certificates.¬†

It just helps complete their training and offers a sense of fulfilment and confidence knowing that they are fully trained with the new skills they’ve just learned.

Try Thinkific For Free!

What’s excellent with Thinkific is that you can set up a free account that will give you instant access to the core structure where you can start creating your own course website and start teaching immediately.

If you’re looking to further develop your course you can purchase one of their paid memberships.

These come along with a range of excellent additional features that are going to shoot your course into the stratosphere.

If you feel that the free membership suits you or even if Thinkific isn’t for you, no problem.

It won’t cost you a penny!

Some Thinkific Examples

Just to show you how powerful and professional Thinkific is in producing amazing courses and sales pages, take a look at these:

Thinkific Example - Sew It Acadamy
Thinkific Example - Sew It Acadamy Prices

The above course is from a style website talking about all things fashion.

On their website, they have incorporated a link to their own online course on how to sew and design your own clothes.

It’s an excellent, well laid out sales page that talks you through every step of how you are going to sew your own clothes.

They have then introduced their prices for their courses.

As you can see the courses they want to promote the most is ‘womens & menswear’.

They are selling these courses at $17.97.

Now, picture if 10 people where to buy these courses

That’s $179!

But, what if 100 people where to buy these courses?

That’s $1,797!!

That’s incredible!

All of these courses may have been made 5 years ago but this person will be still making income from it day in/day out.

Let’s even have a look at another example.

Thinkific Example - YouTube for Bosses
Thinkific Example - YouTube for Bosses Price

This course has actually been designed by a very popular social media expert called Sunny Lenarduzzi.

Sunny has her own website that talks about all things social media.

Her work has actually been recognised by the likes of Forbes, The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur and Hootsuite and the list goes on!

So it’s safe to say she is doing very well for herself!

Now, on her website she provides a link to a course she teaches on ‘YouTube For Bosses’.

This is completely generated from Thinkific and is very professionally made with great use of multimedia and calls to action.

As you can see, Sunny is selling her course for $597.

Now, her website is pulling in millions of unique visitors per month so let’s say if she was to even convert 1000 of those visitors to actual sales with her course, she would take home $597,000!

Yes, $597,000!!

That is absolutely unbelievable!

Now, obviously this is all for talking sake and not actual figures as I’m sure you’re aware but I am pretty sure that basing on how successful Sunny’s website is – it is generating a lot more revenue than that!

Setting Up An Account

Setting up an account with Thinkific is very, very straight forward.

You can start by signing up Free!

You simply provide a few details of what type of course you are looking to create and off you go!

You then fill in a few details such as your business or school name and also what you want your first course to be named.

(These can be changed at any stage by the way)

Thinkific Sign Up School Name

As you can see I like all things gardening, so I’m looking to introduce my ‘Guide To A Greener Lawn’.

Thinkific Sign Up Course Name

Thinkific’s dashboard is simple, sleek and quite appealing.

It has no real technical jargon – just a simple, clean and elegant interface that makes navigation very easy so any beginner new to Thinkific can easily work their way around.

Pricing Plans

Thinkific has 4 memberships that you can sign up to.

The higher paid memberships are more costly but provide a far better range of features that help improve your online course.

Free Membership - $0

The Free Membership gives you access to the core features +

  • The opportunity of setting up 3 courses
  • Unlimited Students
  • Quizzes & Surveys
  • Student Discussions
  • Instant access to your funds
  • Content hosting (video, images, audios etc)

Basic Membership - $49

The Basic Membership gives you access to everything in the Free Membership +

  • Coupons
  • Drop (Scheduled) Content
  • Can Email Students
  • Custom Domain
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Integrations such as MailChimp or Contant Contact
  • Zapier Triggers
  • Manuel Student Enrollment

Pro Membership - $99

The Pro Membership gives you access to everything in the Basic Membership +

  • 2 Site Admin Accounts
  • 5 Course Authors
  • Private & Hidden Courses
  • Advanced Course Pricing Options
  • Memberships & Bundles
  • Certificates
  • Advanced Customisation
  • Priority Support
  • Assignments

Premier Membership - $499

The Premier Membership gives you access to everything in the Pro Membership +

  • 5 Site Admin Accounts
  • 15 Group Analysts
  • 50 Course Authors
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Onboarding Package
  • Unlimited Growth Package

As you can see, each membership comes with it’s own range of features.

If you’re just starting out I would recommend the Free Membership.

If you have content already developed I would suggest the Basic or Pro Memberships as you can achieve a lot more with your course.

If it’s a business or company that you own and wish to provide training on a particular product or service I would suggest the Premier Membership as it gives more access to your employees.

Would I Recommend?

The answer is Yes.


It’s an excellent teaching course creator that is one of the best in the E-Learning market.

The fully integrated platform delivers exceptional learning capabilities that is really going to develop out your students learning experience.

It allows you to keep track of your data such as clicks, sales, enrollment numbers & course completions.

It gives you total control whilst at the same time providing 24/7 around the clock online protection.

So you can rest assured that you and your students information are completely secure.

Thinkific really will allow you to set up and run your own course in your own time and how you want it exactly.

And what this means for you is that it will give you greater freedom to do what you enjoy doing, it will allow you to work for yourself and most of all allow you to generate your own consistent passive income!

If you have any questions about Thinkific, drop me a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

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4 Responses

  1. Daniel says:

    Hi Ronan, I must say that this review on Thinkific is very helpful and informative. I am a full-time Youtuber so I would like to teach folks who want to live from this platform how to start and progress with their channel. This platform is definitely for me and I will immediately buy basic membership just to see how it will work, thank you for sharing.

    • Ronan says:

      Hi Daniel,

      Thank you

      That’s a brilliant idea! Teaching others how to start their own YouTube Channel is an incredible course that people would love to take.

      Thinkific will give you the tools you need to create your own custom course around this.

      All the best!

  2. Chloe says:

    This is really cool. Many people are looking for means to learn these things especially building ones brand nd working and your domain. This is my first time coming to read about it and I must say first impression matters and so i have been captivated by what i have seen here. I am glad to know there is a free program before one can choose to register fully. I’ll love to try it first and see how effective it can be to increasing my knowledge of my desired course. Thanks for sharing.

    • Ronan says:

      Hi Chloe,

      Your right, I think if you really want to show off your authenticity having your own custom domain really allows your brand to flourish.

      Thinkific gives you the opportunity to create your own branded course that people will trust and learn from!

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