Teachable vs Udemy [ Which Is Better For You ? ]

Teachable Vs Udemy

So, you’re looking to teach your own course but unsure what platform to host it on.

I understand

I mean there are a good few course creator platforms out there that it can become confusing to know which one is best suited to you.

Now, here I’m going to be discussing the argument of Teachable Vs Udemy.

We’ll look at similarities, difference, pros and cons

Everything you need to know so you can decide what course platform is the best for you!

So let’s just get right into it and see what’s really inside.

Course Marketplace Vs Course Creator


Udemy would be considered a course marketplace where people from all around the world can go to this one specific place to take and learn a new course.

What’s great about this is that whenever you have created your own course, you automatically have visitors at your front door!


Teachable is a course creator

This allows you to create and develop your own course with your own brand separate from any other 3rd parties.

Now, when you have created your course, you then have to market it and reach out to your target audience yourself.

This can take a while before you start gaining some traffic.

However, if you already have your own website that is bringing in thousands or millions of visitors per month you can showcase your new course to them straight away!

Cost of Using the Platform

Cost of using the Platform

Teachable and Udemy have two completely different pricing strategies.


Udemy actually don’t charge any fees for setting up your own course. It’s completely free to sign up to.

However, at the end of the day they are a business and do have a fee structure.

Their general fee structure is based on a 50/50 return on sales.

Which means any course you sell, you’ll be able to retain 50% of the profit but the other 50% Udemy will take for hosting, advertising, use of service etc.

They do however have what they call ‘Instructor Coupons’.

These are coupons where if a student clicks on your link and purchases your course whether it be through your own website or social media – you make 97% of the sale!

The other 3% goes on admin costs to Udemy.

They also have other ways for you to generate revenue through affiliate links or Udemy’s Ad Program.

From these though you’ll only be making 25% of the actual sale.


Teachable’s pricing structure is made up of different membership tiers where you have 4 different packages to choose from:

  • Free
  • Basic – $39 per month (In total $468 per year)
  • Professional – $99 per month (In total $1,188 per year)
  • Business – $499 per month (In total $5,988 per year)

These costs cover hosting, 24/7 support, marketing, administration, use of service etc

The further you go up the package, the more expensive it is however in return the greater use of features you have access to.

You can sign up to the membership and pay monthly or pay in a lump sum for the year.

The prices above are monthly figures.

If you were to purchase your membership for the year, you’ll get a discounted price on it.

  • Basic – $348 per year ($29 per month)
  • Professional – $948 per year ($79 per month)
  • Business – $4,788 per year ($399 per month)

If you purchased for the year, you would save:

$120 on the Basic Membership

$240 on the Professional Membership

$1,200 on the Business Membership

You can see how you get more ‘bang for your buck’ when purchasing your membership annually.

Understandably though, not everyone has the money there and then to offer as a lump sum so that’s why the monthly payments are a great way to pay for your course membership.

Teachable also have transaction fees with their Free & Basic memberships.

On the Free membership there is a $1+ 10% per transaction fee

On the Basic membership there is a 5% per transaction fee

The Professional & Business memberships have NO transaction fees, which means any sales you make – the entirety of it is yours!

Teachable could be a great course platform for you if you don’t mind paying the upfront cost

Udemy may be best suited to you though if you don’t want to pay anything upfront to begin your course that gives you access to their full range of features.

Yes, Teachable do have the free membership you can sign up. You’ll be able to create a successful course, no doubt! However, your features are limited.

But you can upgrade your membership at any stage!

So, it just basically comes down to how you prefer to pay for your course whether it be free through Udemy and your happy for them to take 50% of your earnings OR setting up a payment plan with Teachable (monthly or annually) and keep 100% of your earnings!

Course Pricing Restrictions


So, before April 2016 Udemy had a pricing restriction on courses being sold through them from $9 – $300


However, in April 2016 they changed this pricing restriction to $20 – $50!

Not so good!

This only lasted a few months as instructors weren’t happy with this change with Udemy even losing course instructors.

So they changed it up again

The course price restriction now is currently $20 – $200


A great price range that you can sell your courses in!

The problem I have with Udemy’s pricing restriction is that you have almost zero control over this!

You could be making a full-time income from selling your courses here and the next day your income could be halved!


What’s amazing about Teachable is that they have no pricing restrictions at all!

You can sell your courses for whatever you want!

$1, $78, $200, $586.79….whatever!

You choose your own price at what you feel it is worth

It gives you that greater freedom over your own income that you know is yours at the end of the day!

You see Teachable is a course creator platform, where you’re paying for a service to host and market your own custom course.

Udemy is an E-learning marketplace that brings the students to you so they can set the price restriction that you must abide by.

And for that reason alone I think Teachable is the clear winner here!


So what’s the best platform to make your brand your own?


As Udemy is an E-Learning marketplace with thousands of instructors teaching a variety of subjects, customisation is very limited.

You will be creating your own handcrafted content through mediums such as video and writing your own course material however the layout of the course, the design, imaging and text fonts are universal throughout Udemy.


Teachable however offers complete customisation in whatever way you want!

You can create your own brand and logo; upload all of your own content through videos, images, texts, audios, pdf’s, Google Docs etc.

The theme, fonts, colours are also totally customisable!

Create the design of your course how you see fit.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

So just how easy are Udemy and Teachable to use.

Both are actually very user friendly, there are no real technical difficulties you have to overcome.

They have both been designed so that it makes it as easy as possible for you to create your own course.

However, we want to see what details each have or don’t for that matter that makes one better than the other.


Udemy has a very straight forward platform where it makes it a ‘cinch’ to upload your course content.

If you ever get stuck, they have clear & concise documentation that will help guide you through certain steps.

Udemy also has a Facebook Support Group called Udemy Studio. Here you gain more knowledge, ask questions, get feedback from other Udemy course instructors or offer help to others in need.


Teachable is a very intuitive platform that helps you create and design your own course with minimal effort!

The Teachable dashboard is very user friendly with a streamline design that makes it incredibly easy to upload your videos, add designs and create lessons, titles and descriptions etc..

They have free webinar training lessons that you can watch if there’s a part you just can’t get your head around.

Everything is explained in great detail!

They also have a Facebook Group called The Teachable Tribe. An awesome place to ask questions, get feedback or to simply converse with other Teachable instructors.

Drip Content


Teachable allow you to drip content to your students either through a subscription plan they have signed up for or by implementing it into your email list.

You can either offer your content in small bitesize portions over a set period of time or you have the option of simply just releasing the entirety of it in one sitting.

With drip content, it allows you to create better engagement over a longer period of time that will have students interest peaked and keep coming back for more.

It also gives you the opportunity to test a new course by dipping your toe in the water. You can release small portions of it to validate your course to see if there is interest out there for it.


Unfortunately Udemy does not support Drip Content.


You want the most of your course don’t you?

You want to be able to improve your course performance and at the same time track & trace your own stats.


Teachable allow for a plethora of 3rd party integrations such as Google Analytics, Adwords, SumoMe, YouTube Live, Zapier, Convertkit, Optimizely, MailChimp….the list goes on!

It really allows you to create your course as efficiently and effectively as possible and really get ‘every drop of juice out of it’.


Udemy however are very limited in what you can integrate

They only allow 3rd party integrations such as Google Analytics and Google Adwords.

Unfortunately that is it for now.

Technical Requirements

What certain requirements are needed in order for you to teach your own course online?

Is there a particular structure your content needs to be in in order for it to be ‘sellable’ on Udemy or Teachable?


Well, Udemy actually has some specific requirements that your course must meet such as export settings and very specific video settings.

This is really to make sure that some people are not uploading junk course material to their site.

Your course needs to have:

  •  At least 30 minutes of video content
  • At least 5 separate lectures or lessons
  • HD video quality (720p or 1080p)
  • Audio that is completely synced to your videos
  • Audio quality that is not distracting to students
  • Valuable Content

Your course landing page (what people are going to click and see before they buy your course) needs to have:

  • A well-written course title and course description
  • A high quality course image in line with Udemys image standards ( 2048 x 1152 pixels )
  • Clear course goals, target audience and requirements
  • A complete instructor bio and profile picture
  • Your course must meet these requirements in order for you to sell your course through Udemy.


Teachable on the other hand doesn’t have any requirements or any approval process.

You can add a range of multimedia such as your own videos, images, texts, audios, pdf’s …the list goes on.

Choose what you feel is best for your course – you have total control!

Simply due to the freedom of use and no barriers to entry – I think Teachable wins this section!

Marketing & Re-Targeting

Marketing & Re-Targeting

So once you have your course content created, what is the best to help market your course to discover new students and bring back previous students.


Even though Udemy is a marketplace that attracts millions of visitors per month, you are restricted by certain ways of reaching your students.

Yes, the students are basically at your front door which means you don’t necessarily need to implement a marketing strategy however you are very limited at what you can do.

Udemy doesn’t give you access to your students email addresses.

This is basically a security feature Udemy have implemented to stop students being bombarded with emails about up and coming courses.

This however doesn’t help your course business!

You are unable to re-target students to bring them back for new course content you’ve uploaded.

They also have very limited promotions available which just makes it that bit harder to actually bring in more sales and generating a larger profit.


With Teachable there are no restrictions!

You can target or re-target your students how and when you like – no questions asked!

Teachable is the software platform that you use to help teach your course but YOU choose how YOU want to target YOUR audience.

You can have your own mailing list where you can gather all of your student’s emails addresses helping you keep them up to date.

Implement your own email marketing platform such as MailChimp or Constant Contact.

You can develop out your SEO or Social Media strategies or build out PPC campaigns to bring in organic or paid for traffic.

You really can market your course just the way you want with Teachable!

Pricing Plans & Memberships

Prices & Plans

You want to make it as easy as you can for your students to purchase your course.

Students from all over the world come from a variety of different backgrounds in different financial circumstances.

You want to make your course as accessible to as much people as you so that they can actually afford your course.


Teachable offer a number of ways your student can purchase your course through:

  • Instalment Pricing
  • Monthly Subscriptions / Memberships
  • One-off Payment

These really help open your course to a lot more people who simply cannot afford the full price of the course upfront so with instalment pricing or monthly subscriptions you can easily increase sales, student numbers and really bump up your income!


Udemy unfortunately do not offer these features!

The student only has the one option of buying the course upfront.


So there you have it!

A complete rundown of pros and cons to both Teachable and Udemy.

To recap we have seen that Udemy is great for:

  • Having access to millions of ‘possible students’ straight away
  • Free to use – great if you’re on a very tight or no budget
  • Very easy to use and setup your own course
  • Great support

What Teachable is great for:

  • Create your own brand
  • Fully customisable
  • Use whatever medium of content your prefer – no technical restrictions
  • Very easy to use
  • No pricing restrictions
  • An abundance of integrations you can add
  • A number of ways students can pay for your course
  • Being able to target & re-target your own audience

From looking at each individual aspect between Udemy and Teachable though, I really feel Teachable is the sure winner here.

It just gives you so much more freedom to create your own course – your own online business that no one can take away from you.

You can fully customise your course how you want from your logo right down to the prices of your courses.

Target your own audience in whatever way you want and know that the income you make is yours 100% (on the Professional & Business Plans)

I think it’s hands down the best way to make a real living with your own online course business!

If you have any questions or want to include your own input, drop me a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you!

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