Teach Piano Online [ Earn Your Own Full-Time Income! ]

Did you know there are millions of people all over the world who would just love to be able to learn and play the piano?

It’s one of the main things most people want to tick off their bucket list to say that they themselves have learned the piano.

However, before they can get to this point – they firstly need a good teacher.

This is where you can come in!

Are you currently a piano teacher?

Would you consider yourself to be a decent piano player?

Do you think you have the skills to help people learn the piano effectively?

Well, if you can answer yes to any one of these questions, have you ever considered teaching piano online?

It has an incredible amount of opportunities available to you which we will get to but first let me show you just how successful you can be at teaching piano online to eager learners.

Quick Stat Summary

So, to get an understanding at the very basic level of how many people you can reach to in order to teach piano or in other words – your target market, we’ll need to have a look at just how many people are looking to learn the piano online.

Learn Piano Online

This trend shows the search result from millions of people all over the world in the past 5 years looking to ‘Learn Piano Online’.

Now, as you can see the trend does have it’s ups and downs but what remains is the consistency!

It never drops off too far – this means that people are searching for ways to learn the piano online EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Another way we can see exactly where people are hanging out and learning new piano techniques is over on YouTube.

There are a few piano YouTube channels that are actually very successful.

Creative Piano Academy YouTube Channel

Creative Piano Academy currently has over 113,000 subscribers and there are millions of people that watch his YouTube videos!

Instant Piano Genius currently has an incredible 229,000 subscribers and the number is only growing!

Each one of his videos also attracts millions of viewers!

Even if we take a look at Pinterest, you can see people consistently looking for ways to learn the piano.

Pianissimo Pinterest Account

Pianissimo has a very successful Pinterest account with 1,300 followers and 348,000 monthly unique viewers!

She talks everything about Piano and this is what people looking to learn piano want.

This is just to further prove just how many people out there are looking to learn the piano.

The target audience for this is MASSIVE!

Now, what we really want to look at is just how many people are actually paying to learn piano online through various courses.

Have a look at these figures:

Power of Chords: 6,409 students

Learn Piano in 30 days: 6,024 students

Learn 200+ Piano Chords: 2,473 students

Piano Technique 101: 1,479 students

So, these are the number of actual students who have purchased piano courses and are continuing to do so.

There are people selling their courses for £199.99!

Just imagine the income from that!

Now, the point of me showing you these different YouTube Piano channels and courses isn’t to show how well some people are doing but to show you the opportunity available to you here!

Taking away anything from these stats we can see that there are:

  • Millions of people who want to learn Piano
  • People that will devote their time to learning it
  • Thousands of people who are willing to pay for an engaging, helpful piano course

This is something you can definitely take advantage of!

Benefits of Teaching Piano Online

So, what exactly will teaching piano online do for you?

Well, there are a number of benefits from teaching your own piano course to your own audience that is going to change your way of life….for the better of course!

Teaching Your Passion

You now have the chance to really pursue what you already love doing!

If playing piano is in your blood and is what makes you happy, you can now share your creativity with others and help them learn or improve their own piano skills.

It can really give you a sense of ‘giving back’ which is a massive feel good factor.


Teaching piano online gives you the opportunity to teach from wherever you are in the world to whoever you want in the world!

No restrictions!

No land barriers!

Not only does this make it easier to teach your audience but it also casts your net even wider which can really add that extra boost to your income potential!

Work From Home

You can teach all from the comfort of your own home.

Whether it be your living area, your home office, your home studio – it’s up to you!

Teaching your own piano course online allows you to work from your own home comforts.

Teach When You Want

What’s great about teaching online is that can upload your course anytime you want.

You can add more content as you go along also.

It could take a month, a week or if you’re really good, a day to create your own course – the choice is yours!

It just adds that extra bit of freedom to work when you want

No deadlines

It’s your course – teach when you want to!

Become an Authority in Teaching Piano

If you are able to create a really informative, engaging learning experience for your students – the word will get out!

People will flock to your website to learn the essentials in learning piano effectivily!

Overtime, by constantly producing amazing piano classes you may slowly start to become an authority in teaching piano.

The more authoritative you are in this industry, the more people will enrol in your course, the more income you can generate!

Earn a Full-Time Income!

At last but not least, being able to make your OWN CONSISTENT PASSIVE INCOME!

You’ve heard me mentioning it throughout this post but let me tell you – this is something you can easily do!

It all comes down to delivering that fully rounded learning experience that is really going to create engagement with your students so that they can learn the piano skills they want.

Just have a look at this example of how teaching a piano course can make your your own full-time income:

Online Piano Course

This course is being sold currently for £9.99 (there is currently a sale on but is usually £199.99).

Now, this course has 188,728 students enrolled in it.

Let’s say we even go off the sale price – that means this instructor has made £1,885,392!

That is absolutely jaw-dropping!

These are actual piano courses that people are buying so like I said before, the demand is definitely there!

If you feel you can teach piano online – this may even be the income you may be able to generate too!

Equipment You'll Need

So before you begin teaching your own piano course, there are just a few things you’ll need:

Piano (of course)

The most obvious piece of equipment you’ll need in order to teach your class.


You’ll need this to record your classes so you can upload for people to watch you teach.

There are range of cameras out now that you can buy that doesn’t hurt the pocket too much!

Just be aware though, the better the quality of camera – the better your course classes will be.

Camera Stand

Simply to prop your camera onto when your teaching the piano.

You can pick up cheap enough camera stands on Amazon.


This is where all of your recorded videos are uploaded, where you can add your own touch with editing.


You’ll need a decent internet connection to teach online. Uploading videos can take sometime to show on your own website but nowadays most internet connections have fast upload speeds.

How To Teach Piano Online

Now, to move onto how you can actually do this!

There are a good few teaching platforms you can use to create your own online piano course but there are 2 that I feel stand out from the rest.

Teachable Website

Teachable is a great online course creator that basically does everything for you.

No coding or web development skills required here!

It’s the full package that allows you to create beautiful course pages that create that fully rounded learning experience for your students.

You can enhance engagement with your students by offering quizzes, surveys, discussion groups and present certificates to make the learning come full circle!

You can use your own brand to deliver your own course that really let’s you stand out from the crowd.

Thinkific Website

Thinkific is another amazing course creator that will help deliver your piano course fully packaged.

Very similar to Teachable actually where you can create your own custom course pages that will guide your students through each section of learning.

You can develop your own custom brand that really showcases what your about and what you do.

Included within certain memberships you can add surveys, quizzes, discussions and present certificates to help promote that learning experience for your students.

Create and develop the course you want


So, if piano is something you currently teach or if you’re just really passionate about it, teaching it online could be the natural progression for you.

So, what have we seen?

  • We can see the demand for people looking to learn piano is there.
  • We can see that people are willing to pay to learn something that they may have always wanted to learn.
  • There are unbelievable course creators available that help put together beautiful teaching courses that your students can really interact with.
  • From all of this, you can make your own full-time consistent, passive income that enables you to work from home and live the life you’ve always wanted!

If you are thinking about teaching your own piano course, I hope this has let you seen just how successful you can be from this.

If you have any questions, please drop me a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you!

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