Teach Photoshop Online [ Earn Your Own Full-Time Income! ]

Teach Photoshop Online

Photoshop is one of the most recognised image editing & and graphic design software’s on the planet!

Anyone who is looking to make beautiful and awe-inspiring imagery uses Photoshop.


Because of what it can do! It’s absolutely incredible!

What you may not have known though is just how many people want to learn how to use Photoshop but don’t know where to start.

You’ll be surprised by just how many.

So, this is where you may come in!

Would you consider yourself to be efficient in using Photoshop?

Do you know how to utilise Photoshop in the best way possible to create awesome imagery?

Have you ever considered teaching Photoshop online?

If you’ve answered yes to all of these questions then I’m here to tell you that there is opportunity that awaits you!

Helping others to learn how to use Photoshop effectively can seriously change your own circumstances for the better all whilst making a full-time income!

Let’s just see exactly what I’m talking about here.

Quick Stat Summary

So, where we want to start is at the very beginning.

We need to see just how many people from all over the world are actually searching ways to learn Photoshop.

Learn Photoshop

Now, this trend represents millions of people across the globe over the past 5 years who searched for the phrase Learn Photoshop’.

You can clearly see that it took a downward slope in recent years however it is starting to balance out again.

Even at the lower level, you’re still talking about millions of people searching for ways to learn Photoshop daily!

What really stands out from this trend also is just how consistent it is.

Fair enough it does dip and jump up every now and again but the consistency of people searching for this is ongoing!

(This for you however can still be representing $$$$’s!)

Wait & see!

Next, we want to have a deeper look at where people are actually going to learn Photoshop online.

Two platforms that are used the most when looking to learn anything  online is of course YouTube & Pinterest!

Simply because they’re very visual and easy to learn from.

So, have a look at a couple of these YouTube Channels:

Photoshop Training Channel on YouTube has 832,189 subscribers!

It teaches eveerything from beginner to advanced on Photoshop!

An amazing following!

However, PiXimperfect YouTube Channel has 1,416,358 subscribers!

It’s recognised as one of the leading Photoshop Channels on YouTube!

Simply because it provides informative videos that provide real value to it’s subscribers.

Now, moving over to Pinterest there are also couple of Pinterest accounts that talk about everything Photoshop.

Tia Photoshop Pinterest

As you can see, Tia provides tips & tutorials on Photoshop on how you can develop the skills to edit your images.

She has a following of 3,700 with 250,000 monthly unique viewers!

Absolutely amazing for just providing tips on what she’s good at!

Photoshop Tutorials Pinterest

Even have a look at Photoshop Tutorials by PSDDude on Pinterest.

Once again, they talk about everything to do with Photoshop that can help develop out the visitors skills.

They have a following of 5,900 & 1.1 million monthly unique viewers!


It just goes to show that if you can prove what your good at – people will follow you!

So, we’ve seen what free resources people follow when looking to learning all things Photoshop.

What if we take a look to see if people are willing to actually pay for courses?

Just have a look at a few of these real-life courses:

  • Supreme Photoshop Training: 139,964 students enrolled
  • Ultimate Photoshop Training: Beginner to Pro: 70,841 students enrolled
  • Photoshop CC Masterclass: 28,882 students enrolled
  • Learn Photoshop & Web Design: 31,663 students enrolled

These courses are being sold for in the region of around £15.00.

May not seem like much – but just look at how many students have enrolled in these courses!

You can see how your income can increase substantially here can’t you?!

Why Am I Showing You Other People's Successes?

Well, 2 reasons:

  1. To show you that there is a huge amount of people that want to learn how to use Photoshop from Photoshop Experts.
  2. To show the incredible opportunity that lays in waiting for you that can change your life for the better!

Showing these other people’s course resources isn’t to boast about how well other people are doing.

What I want you to see is the viewers, the subscribers, the followings, the enrolments.

These are important!

This is what can help you make your own success with your own Photoshop course!

Take a look at those figures again and begin to see the potential that is there that you can easily grab hold of.

Benefits of Teaching Photoshop Online

There are some awesome benefits of being able to teach your own Photoshop course online.

Have a scan through these and discover how your life can be massively impacted by them.

No joke!

Teach What You Enjoy Doing

Wouldn’t it just be an incredible feeling of being able to do what you love doing already?

If you feel you’ve gained all the skills you can from learning from Photoshop over the years – you can pass on that knowledge to other eager to learn people.

It won’t feel like work – more like a passionate hobby!

Work From Home

So working from home or teaching your passionate hobby gives you greater freedom to do more of what you want!

Want to wake up at 10am?

Of course!

Want to go kayaking at 2pm?

I like it!

Teaching your own Photoshop course allows you to work when you want.

No 9-5 job to go to

No time contraints

No deadlines!

Work around your own schedule & have greater freedom!


What’s great about teaching online is your ability to reach a worldwide audience!

You can teach your own course from the comfort of your own home to people in the United States, the UK, China, Germany, Brazil…..wherever!

They can all benefit from your Photoshop course and develop the skills they require for career advancement or just sheer hobby interest.

The other benefit to this is that it increases your income capabilities exponentially!

Become An Authority Online

The key ingredient to creating a successful Photoshop course is by simply providing a quality, informative and engaging learning experience for your students!

By teaching your course the right way, overtime, more and more students will enrol up to your course – in return your reviews & ratings will grow!

The more you have, the more people will sign up to your course.

Not only will this massively boost your income but it will start to develop your authority in the ‘teaching Photoshop Online’ niche!

The greater your authority, the greater your enrolments, the greater your income.

Earn a Full-Time Income!

And finally, having the opportunity to earn your own full-time PASSIVE income all from the comfort of your own home!

This is probably the main benefit your looking to see.

And rightly so!

If you can create an all-rounded, engaging learning experience for people to develop their own Photoshop skills that’s going to help improve their way of life, then it only makes sense that you get paid for it!

But by simply providing an incredible quality-assured course people will naturally gravitate to your course anyway that they are willing to pay for.

So, what type of earnings can you expect?

Well, just have a look at this course and see for yourself:

Photoshop Course

As you can see this course is currently being sold for £15.59 (there is currently a sale on should I mention).

However, this course usually sells for £199.99!

Now, if you look you can see that there are 70,841 people who have currently enrolled in this course.

If we work off the original selling price at £199.99 it means this course would have earned an outstanding £14,167,491!

Yes, that’s right – that figure is over 14 million pounds!

That’s incredible!

Would you consider that life changing income?

I know I would!

This is something you can achievedon’t let anyone tell you any different.

Provide quality to your students & your current income can absolutely SKYROCKET!

Equipment You'll Need

So before you get started, there are a few things you’ll need firstly in order to teach your own Photoshop course successfully.

Camera (if you prefer)

You can really create the whole immersive learning experience for your students by introducing a camera into your classes.

You can introduce yourself and let them know what they are going to learn. It just helps provide that human touch so they know it is actually someone behind the course they are learning from.

Laptop / Computer

All of your work is going to be done here!

This is a necessity to teach your own Photoshop course.


The ‘bread & butter’ of your course!

You’ll need the most recent version of Photoshop to teach effectively.

Screencasting Software

Download a simple to use screencasting software so your students can see everything you are doing on your own computer.

Camtasia or ScreenFlow are really good options!


The all important aspect – WiFi!

You’ll need a decent internet connection to upload all of your course content.

Doesn’t need to be the fastest, just as long as you can upload your content in bulk.

How To Teach Photoshop Online

There are many ways you can teach Photoshop online but 2 of the main platforms that I feel really stand out are Teachable & Thinkific!

Teachable Website

Teachable is an awesome online course creator that provides all the tools you’ll need in order to deliver a successful course to your students.

You can upload all of your own content and multimedia whether it be text, images, videos, audios or pdf’s.

Create your own custom website with your own domain name that clearly states who you are and what you do!

Teachable helps with all aspects of sales and marketing – reaching a larger audience and creating greater income potential for you!


Thinkific Website

Thinkific is another outstanding course creator platform that allows you to create a powerful course for you to deliver to your students!

Upload all of your own content, choose your own beautiful theme, design the layout, text and colours!

All easily achieved within Thinkific!

Sales & marketing is an absolute breeze.

Thinkfic takes all the hassle out of it by hosting everything in one place for you

Quick. Easy. Simple!

You can cast your net wider, reach a larger audience and really BOOST your current income!


So, there you have it!

If you’re a Photoshop wizard and feel you can teach it effectively to your own students, your own following, through your own online business well then you can make an absolute success of this!

  • We have seen that the demand is there for it. People want to learn how to use Photoshop for their own needs.
  • People are willing to pay in return for an incredible fully-engaging learning experience.
  • The benefits of teaching your own course can really change your way of life for the better!
  • You can earn your own full-time passive income – income that you’ve only dreamed of!

So, don’t wait for time to keep passing you by.

If you have the skills – share them & just wait to see your bank balance grow by the day!

If you do have questions about creating your own Photoshop course – drop me a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to!

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