Teach Photography Online [ Earn With Your Own Photography Course! ]

Teach Photography Online

Is photography a hobby or past-time you just love doing?

Or maybe it’s even your current career path that you’re really passionate about.

However you got involved with the love of photography, I am here to tell you that there is an abundance of incredible opportunities awaiting online that you can take full advantage of.

Let me ask you….have you ever considered teaching photography online?

Fancy earning a living from teaching people how to take professional photos?

Well let me show you exactly how you can do this that may even change your way of life!

Before we dive into being able to teach photography online though, let’s get ourselves fired up and have a look at some of the stats of this amazing industry.

A Quick Stat Summary

Firstly, when performing research I feel it’s necessary to find the overall population of people who are looking to learn photography that you can then direct towards your own photography courses.

It’s a very good starting point!

So, I done a quick search to find the trends on ‘Learn Photography’:

Learn Photography Trend

This is a trend taking from a worldwide perspective over the last 5 years.

As you can see it does take a minimal slope but it is very minimal at that.

What’s amazing about this trend is the consistency of it.

This trend is basically showing that people are searching for phrases such as ‘Learn Photography’ or ‘Learn Photography Online’ every single day.

This is what you can take advantage of by assisting with their need and setting up your own photography course.

Now, to look at little deeper at the industry I always look at a couple of the most successful search engines – YouTube & Pinterest!

The reason for this is that this is where everyone online is at!

Have a look at these two very successful YouTube Channels:

Joe Allam YouTube Channel

Joe Allam is a very successful photography YouTuber that has over 181,000 subscribers and growing!

Peter McKinnon YouTube Channel

Peter McKinnon however has taking his photography YouTube Channel to new heights!

He currently has over 3.7 million subscribers!

That’s crazy!

Have a look at these very successful Pinterest accounts also:

Live Snap Create Pinterest

Live Snap Create has around 2,300 followers with 441,000 monthly unique visitors!

Pretty impressive!

Colorvale Pinterest

Colorvale has developed her Pinterest account into a leading source in everything photography.

She has 87,000 followers with around 578,000 monthly unique viewers reading her Pinterest and blogs!

Absolutely incredible!

So, as you can see just by grazing the surface the enormous amount of people who are looking to learn and develop their own photography skills by following these accounts.

Now, I decided to delve a little deeper and see just how many people are taking actual photography courses.

Have a look at this:

Adventure Photography: Over 3,600 Students

IPhone Photography: Over 12,100 Students

Portrait Photography: Over 14,300 Students

Fundamentals of DSLR Photography: Over 45,000 Students

These are only to name a few courses available too!

Now, I don’t want you going away from this thinking that there are too many people providing these photography courses already.

What you have to see is the gargantuan size of this industry!

The enormous amount of people looking to learn photography!

You can really be a part of this and create your own photography courses that people are willing buy!

Benefits of Teaching Photography Online

Teaching your own photography course online couldn’t be easier.

Simply by having access to the Internet will open up your possibilities and help deliver an abundance of opportunities that you could have only ever dreamed of.

Just have a look at some of these key benefits:

Teaching Your Passion

If photography has been a hobby that you’ve always been interested in or even if it’s your current job role then teaching it could be your natural progression forward.

There is such a broad amount of different camera tricks and techniques that many, many people are looking to learn.

If you know how to use different camera angles for certain photos or choosing the right light then you could pass this knowledge on.

What’s amazing about this is that it’s something you really enjoy doing!

Teach From Wherever You Want

When you’re teaching photography you don’t necessarily need a studio to take photos from.

If you already have one though, that’s great.

You could use a room in your own home if you want to!

Whatever form of photography you enjoy whether it be landscape shots, wedding photos, baby photos or capturing wildlife – it’s up to you!

You can teach outside on top of a mountain range or inside in your living area.

Once again, it’s your choice.

It just gives you the comfort of teaching from wherever you want!


Being able to teach photography online means you can basically teach from anywhere in the world!

No restrictions, no barriers

You’re not bound to a certain place in the world where you are limited by your area.

You can now cast your net wider and retain a larger audience and with a larger audience means greater income!

Become an Authority in Photography

As you develop out your teaching course and as long as you provide quality and informative course content you’ll start to gain more recognition in the industry.

More and more people will begin to recognise your name and see for themselves just how good your courses are.

The more authoritative you are the great your income potential will be.

No Time Constraints

What’s good about being able to teach online is that there are no timeframes or certain ‘windows’ you must meet when delivering your courses.

You can teach as fast or as slow as you want

It could take you a day to record and teach your course, it may take a week

It’s up to you!

The other benefit to this as well is that whenever you have your course uploaded, people can buy and take it for YEARS to come!

It’ll always be online which is very beneficial for you as you could have created a course 3 years ago and people are still buying it today.

You would be STILL making money from it!

Build a Full-Time Income!

Last but not least and probably the main benefit to you

Being able to make a full-time income from teaching photography!

As you can see through all of the above research into how many people are looking to learn different photography skills to the key benefits of being able to reach a worldwide audience, it’s easy to see how you can make PASSIVE INCOME EVERY SINGLE MONTH!

There are people currently teaching photography courses that are making thousands of dollars each month from courses they may have created years ago.

Just have a look at this:

Photography Course

This course is currently selling for £199.99.

It has 18,884 ratings as we speak!

Let’s say we even go off the ratings alone, that means that this course has made this instructor £3,776,611!!

Yes, that is well over £3 million pounds!

What is crazy about this is that this is just based off the ratings, there will have been plenty of other people who took the course and didn’t even rate it!

Can you start to see the potential in this?

It just requires work at the beginning but the hard work will pay off for years to come!

Equipment You'll Need

So, to begin teaching your own photography course there are a few things you’ll need firstly:

Camera (To record)

So this camera is going to used so you can record and teach to your audience. It can be anything from a smartphone to a leading camera model.

Obviously the better the quality of recordings it takes, the better your course will be.

Camera stand

You need this to prop your recording camera onto.

It just gives stability and saves you from holding the recording camera – which essentially would make your courses very poor looking as the video would be moving and bouncing around a lot.

Camera (To take photos)

This is your bread & butter of your teaching course.

You’ll need your own camera to take the actual photos from for your course.

Depending on what type of photography you’re planning on teaching, whether it be Iphone photography or wedding photography – you choose the best one suited to you.


A necessity to be able to bring your course online!

Just having simple access to the Internet is where you will deliver your courses through to the rest of the world.


Finally, you’ll need your own computer so you can upload and edit all of your content.

This is where you’re going to add all the extra features that is going to make your course snazzy & appealing.

How To Teach Photography Online

So, we have seen the industry, how many people are eager to learn photography and how it can benefit your life massivily!

Now it’s time to see how you can actually put it into practice!

There are a number of ways to teach photography online however there are a couple of amazing platforms that is going to help offer you & your students the best online learning experience.

Teachable Website

Teachable is an awesome online course creator that enables you to create and develop your own course website.

It offers everything you need to help build out an excellent course structure that guides the learner through step-by-step to achieving the photography skills they want.

You can make your course incredibly engaging and interactive with the use of videos, images, audios and texts.

Furthermore, you can provide surveys, quizzes and discussion groups to your students which creates a fully rounded learning experience!

It’s free to sign up to so it’s definitely worth checking out!

Thinkific Website

Thinkific is another amazing course creator platform.

It has all you need when looking to create your own photography course.

Just like Teachable it provides the full package to help keep your students engaged and interested in every aspect of your teachings.

The use of multimedia is amazing for keeping engagement at a high with the use of videos, images, texts and audios.

You can really develop out your course in the way you want so your students can learn the many different techniques of photography so they can come away and use them for themselves.

Thinkific is free to sign up to so definitely worth giving it a go!


So if photography is one of your main passions in life that you just love doing, why not teach it?

It’s easy to see the demand is definitely there for it. 

Thousands of people are looking to learn different camera techniques so they can apply it to their own needs.

All they’re after is a teacher.

This could be you!

Why not give it a try and you never know, you could make your own full-time passive income online from teaching what you love!

If you have any questions, please drop me a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

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