Teach Forex Trading Online [ Share Your Skills & Earn Income! ]

Teach Forex Trading Online

Trading on the Forex Market is becoming increasingly more popular as the years go on.

People want to be able to make their money work for them.

They want to be able to live comfortably and not worry about constant money issues everyday!

We are in an age now where people are beginning to see more opportunities available to them – one of them being able to trade on the Forex Market.

However, the only thing is – most people are clueless when it comes to trading!

They have no idea where to begin!

They get lost in all of the financial & trading jargon only to lose interest and eventually give up hope.

What they need is a good teacher!

Someone who fully understands the Forex Market, someone who has practical use of Forex trading – who has years of knowledge that they can benefit from.

Could this be you?

If so, there are a range of opportunities & benefits that you can take advantage of that will allow you to do what you already love doing but at the same time really BOOST your income potential through the roof! 

So, have you ever considered teaching Forex Trading online?

Let’s delve in here and see just how financially rewarding it could be for you!

Quick Stat Summary

Firstly, to see if it’s a good venture to go down the route of we need to take a look at the very beginning and that is – are people actually looking to learn Forex Trading?

Take a look at this:

Learn Forex Trading

Here you can see a trend that takes a worldwide snapshot over the past 5 years of people searching the phrase ‘Learn Forex Trading’.

(These search volumes represent millions of peoples searches)

Straight off the bat, you can see the search volume is increasing year on year.

It does have it’s highs and lows but in overall it is quite consistent!

This is exactly what we want to see!

This consistency means there are people from all over the world searching for ways to learn Forex Trading EVERY SINGLE DAY!

A very basic but great way to determine the general size of your target market.

What we want to have a look at next is what types of platforms people are using to learn Forex Trading online.

YouTube & Pinterest are amazing platforms for this as they are great ways to learn something easily as they’re so visual.

Just have a look at these:

Trading 212 YouTube Channel

Trading 212 talks about everything trading from beginner to advanced.

Their YouTube Channel currently has 344,193 subscribers.

And it’s only growing!

Ryan Scribner YouTube Channel

Ryan Scribner has an incredible YouTube Channel that currently has 466,838 subscribers.

He provides tips & tutorials that really provides value to his viewers.

Just what they are looking for!

Moving sharply over to Pinterest now and there are a few Pinterest accounts that are proving quite successful in teaching Forex Trading.

Trading Revolution provides advice, trading platform reviews and just overall trading knowledge.

They currently have around 2,900 followers with 15,000 monthly unique viewers!

A great following for just providing trading advice!

Forex Trading Walk Pinterest

However, take a look at Forex Trading Walk.

They have 9,600 followers with around 1.4 million monthly unique viewers!

They provide tips, strategies and step by step help of how to start within the Forex Trading industry.

Perfect for beginners!

So, we’ve seen some of these free resources people are taking advantage of to help learn Forex Trading but what about paid for resources?

Are people willing to part with their money to help them learn the skills necessary to trade in the Forex Market?

Have a look at some of these REAL- LIFE paid for courses:

Forex Trading A-Z: 44,544 students enrolled

Investing In Stocks The Complete Course: 55,866 students enrolled

The Complete Investment Banking Course: 53,726 students enrolled

These are actual courses that are available to buy -some are being priced at £199.99!

Can you just imagine the income from that?

Why Am I Showing You Other People's Successes?

For a couple of reasons:

  1. To show you the enormous size of this industry and just how many people are looking to learn Forex Trading.
  2. To show you that people are willing to pay for a well-taught and informative course that is going to help benefit them financially!

Showing you other peoples channels, accounts and courses isn’t to boast about their success.

It’s to prove to you that this could actually be you & something you can do yourself!

What I want you to take from this is to see the amount of subscribers, the followers, the viewers, the students!

This is important!

This can be your target market.

This is what can help you make your own successful online Forex Trading course!

The demand is there & people are willing to pay!

Benefits of Teaching Forex Trading Online

There’s a lot you can benefit from by teaching your own Forex Trading course.

More than you probably think!

Teach What You Enjoy Doing

If you’re already trading on the Forex Market and really enjoy doing it.

Then teaching other people how to do it could be your natural progression forward!

You’ll get an enormous feeling of reward by helping other people improve their own financial situation.

Helping them to get out of the red and into the black again.

Helping them generate their own income!

Helping them to save for the future.

If it’s something you’re good at and feel you could teach very well then it may just be for you.

Work From Home

No need to take any seminars

No need to travel to any workshops

You can easily teach Forex Trading all from the comfort of your own home!

You could teach a class in the morning and by lunchtime the rest of the day is yours.

It just gives you that extra bit of freedom!


What’s great about teaching online is having access to the entire world!

You could be sitting at home and sell your course to someone on the other side of the planet.

You simply upload your course online and anyone, almost anywhere can take it!

It just allows you to really cast your net wider, reach a larger audience and capture peoples attention that you can sell your course to.

Extra income potential – I like it!

Become An Authority in Teaching Forex Trading

If you are able to deliver a quality filled, information packing & complete engaging learning course for your students – I guarantee you will start to see yourself become an authority in teaching Forex Trading.

People will leave awesome reviews and ratings on your course saying how much they learned from it.

Whenever you are looking to attract greater enrolments – people will always look at reviews firstly.

They want to see how it’s helped other people firstly before parting with their own money.

The better the course you provide, the better the enrolments.

Better the enrolments, the better your income will be!

Make A Full-Time Income!

Moving swiftly onto one of the main benefits you’re most likely looking to hear about.

Having the ability to make a full-time income!

Yes, that’s right!

You can make your own full-time PASSIVE income from providing your own course.

People are willing to pay for a course that they know that will benefit their own lives in one way or another – in this case you could change their financial circumstances completely!

Just have a look at this course for example:

Forex Trading Course

This course is currently selling for £11.99.

(It is currently on sale)

However, it originally sells at £194.99.

As you can see, this has 44,544 students enrolled in it.

If we work off the original selling price of £194.99, that means this course has made £8,685,634!

Yes, over 8.5 million pounds!

That’s a fair chunk of change.

Would you consider this to be a full-time income?

I know I would!

This is where you could be. You could teach your own online Forex Trading course and make a killing doing so!

Equipment You'll Need

So before you get started in teaching your own course, there are a few things you need firstly:

Computer / Laptop

Your workplace!

If you are already trading I’m sure you have your own computer anyway.

Otherwise it would be very hard to teach Forex Trading if you didn’t.

Trading Account Platform

The bread & butter of your teachings.

You’ll need your own trading account to show your students the workings of Forex Trading in depth.

Metatrader is an excellent platform.


This isn’t a necessity but it’s a great way of showing your students ‘the person behind the course’

It just gives your course that extra bit of authenticity and trustworthiness!


Definitely a neccasity!

Not only would you be showing students live trading but you’ll need to upload all of your course content!

Doesn’t need to be speedy, just a decent internet connection.

How To Teach Forex Trading Online

So if you feel like you really want to give this a go and teach your own Forex Trading course


Now teaching a course may be something you’re not entirely used to or don’t know where to start.

Not to worry!

There are some unbelievable platforms that’s going to help you create and build out an amazing course for you.

There are 2 that I feel really do offer the best features and are incredibly easy to use!

Teachable Website

Teachable is considered one of the best online course creators on the market!

It has everything you need to help you create your own Forex Trading course!

Custom domain name? You got it!

Customised themes, writing, colours? No problem!

You design your course they way you want it.

You can add all of your own multimedia such as images, videos, texts, audios and pdf’s.

This just helps create a better learning experience for your students.

Step-by-step guides will help you deliver a beautiful course that your students will love!

Keep track of your students and reaching new ones with the awesome marketing features that’s available.

Your student retention will improve and sales will only increase!

Thinkific Website

Thinkific is another leading course creator within the E-Learning industry!

Very similar actually to Teachable.

It offers awesome features that will help create a beautiful and well-designed course that anyone looking to learn Forex Trading will really benefit from!

Customise your course how you see fit.

Create a custom domain name, create a customised theme and build out your content with every use of multimedia you have!

Videos, images, texts, audios – jam pack it all in and Thinkific will help produce a fine tuned, engaging course for your students.


So, there you have it!

If you are open to the idea of teaching your own online Forex Trading course – there’s never a better time than now!

You can see that:

  • There are a huge number of people looking for ways to learn Forex Trading
  • People are willing to pay for a course that is going to help them achieve the skills they require to improve their financial situation
  • There are amazing course creator platforms that allow you to create a beautiful and information packed course that your students will love
  • There is an incredible opportunity for you to make your own full-time passive income!

So, if you’re passionate about Forex Trading and it’s something you really enjoy doing and get excited about it – help teach it to others to help benefit their lives!

Share your skills and help improve your circumstances and others around you!


If you have any questions, please drop me a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you.


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