Teach Excel Online [ Earn Your Own Full-Time Income! ]

Teach Excel Online

Did you know that Microsoft Excel has been around since the mid 1980’s?

Where has the time gone eh?

What is actually incredible is despite it being created over 30 years ago there are many people around the world who still don’t know how to use it effectively.

We are now moving further into the technological age and Microsoft Excel is still one of the key components in many businesses today.

So, are you one of the few that has actually attained the full user experience of Excel?

Would you feel up to teaching it to other eager to learn students?

I can tell you now that the demand is there for it – people want to learn!

It can also make a massive change to your own life and current income!

No joke!

Let’s look at some stats firstly.

Quick Stat Summary

So, to get an understanding if it’s worth your while in teaching Excel online we need to see just how many people are actually looking to learn it firstly.

Learn Microsoft Excel Online

This trend represents millions of people from all over the world over the past 5 years searching the phrase ‘Learn Excel Online’.

As you can see there are highs and lows but what remains is the consistency!

This is what we want to see.

As long as there is a consistent pattern, it means there are people always searching on ways to learn Excel which means $$$’s for you!

Moving down the rabbit hole a bit further, where can we see everyone at online nowdays?

Social Media, that’s right!

Two of the most used social media, which are also basically search engines are YouTube and Pinterest.

People who are looking to learn Excel, turn to these platforms as they are very visual and easy to learn from.

Cody Baldwin YouTube Channel

Cody Baldwin has a YouTube Channel that talks about everything IT related from different software to programs to learning techniques in Excel.

As you can see, he currently has around 8,700 subscribers to his channel.

This video that talks about learning Pivot Tables has over 1.1 million views already!

Edureka YouTube Channel

Edureka is another IT related YouTube Channel. Thousands of people come to this channel to learn about many different types of software.

Eureka currently has around 957,000 subscribers!

That’s amazing!

They will be celebrating their millionth subscriber very soon!

However, just look at this video alone that teaches Microsoft Excel for Beginners – it has over 265,000 views!

People are definitely eager to learn from what I can see.

Even if we move our eye over to Pinterest, a few accounts are very successful in teaching Excel.

Learn Microsoft Excel Tips Pinterest

Learn Microsoft Excel Tips + Tutorials has an incredible 21,000 followers with around 699,000 monthly unique viewers!

That’s a big following!

Even PakAccountants may be aimed at accountants that need guidance with Excel – they still have a following of 6,600 and with around 423,000 monthly unique viewers!

Still a huge following with simple to read Excel tips.

So, we have seen just how many people are looking to learn Excel through various platforms however these are all FREE resources.

But how many people are actually willing to pay to learn Excel online?

Just have a look at these real-life courses available today:

  • Excel from Beginner to Advanced – Over 234,000 students enrolled
  • Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions – Over 81,900 students enrolled
  • Microsoft Excel – From Beginner to Advanced in 6 Hours  – Over 89,900 students enrolled
  • Excel Essentials – The Complete Excel Series – Over 45,500 students enrolled

As you can see, there are a lot of people from all the world who are willing to pay to learn Excel to help advance themselves whether it be for general interest or career opportunities. 

So why am I telling you all of this?

Looking at these YouTube Channels, Pinterest accounts and current Excel courses isn’t to show just how successful other people already are.

What I’m trying to show you is the opportunity that lays in waiting for you!

We have seen that:

  1. The demand for people willing to learn Excel is there
  2. People are dedicated to learning new Excel skills and techniques to help improve themselves
  3. People are willing to pay for an Excel course that is going to benefit them in some form
If you have the experience with using Excel – you can teach it and change your own way of life!
Just have a look at these benefits.

Benefits of Teaching Excel Online

So we’ve had a look at the rough size of the audience you can target to teach your course to but what exactly do you get out of it?

Teach What You Enjoy Doing

If Excel is something that you just naturally get and actually enjoy using – now you have the opportunity to teach it to other eager to learn people.

It can very easily done with the use of screencast software that will allow you to teach effectively so you can deliver your course in the best way possible. 


The great thing about teaching your course online means you can reach a larger audience from ALL OVER THE WORLD!

There’s no restrictions

No borders

You could be teaching Excel to people in the United States all from the comfort of your own home in the UK.

Wherever you are the world, cast your net wider and attract a larger audience.

What this means? Larger income possibilities for you!

Work From Home

Would you rather be working the dreaded 9-5 job or doing what you really enjoying doing and working from your own home?

I know what I would choose!

Teaching your own Excel course opens that door now where you can create and build your course all from your own laptop at home.

More time for you to do what you want!


Work When You Want

Designing your course can take as long as you want.

There’s no rush, no hurrying around to finish it up quicker – you work on it whenever you want.

In saying that, the faster you are able to upload your course content, the quicker you’ll start to see sales!

It’s entirely up to you!

Become an Authority in Teaching Excel

Overtime, your course will start to gain trust and authority.

The better you create your Excel course, the more people will enrol up to it and leave better feedback.

This is one of the main factors people take into account when making a purchase – they always look at reviews!

So, by creating an engaging learning experience you’ll gain more authority and with more authority brings in more sales!

Make Your Own Full-Time Income!

At last but not least – you can make your own full-time PASSIVE income!

That’s right!

There are thousands of people selling courses online and making sales everyday allowing them to create a 6-figure income!

This could be you too.

Just have a look at this example:

Microsoft Excel Course

So as you can see this course talks everything about Excel from beginner to advanced.

It is currently on sale for £9.99 (however usual price is £149.99)

It has 235,247 students enrolled in the course.

Now, let’s say we go off the sale price alone. This means this course has made an income of £2,350,117!

Yes, you heard me – £2,350,117!

That is absolutely unbelievable.

This course has made this instructor a millionaire and the best part is – this may very well be you!

As long as you can provide an informative, up to date, engaging learning experience you will be able to add that much needed BOOST to your income.

Equipment You'll Need

So to begin teaching your own online Excel course there are a few things you’ll need firstly.

Laptop/ Computer

This is a necessity when teaching your course. All of your work is going to be done here on teaching your course and putting the magic of editing into it.

Microsoft Office

You’ll need the full Microsoft Office package in order to teach your course effectively.

Screen casting software

When showing your teachings on Pivots tables, formulas and functions you’ll need a good screen casting software.

Recommended screencasting software would be either Camtasia, ScreenFlow or CamStudio.


You’ll need a decent internet connection to teach online.

All of your work is done online so this is an essential part.

Camera (if you want)

If you want to give the whole onscreen/offscreen teaching experience and aren’t afraid to get in front of the camera, you can get hold of a decent camera that shows the student who exactly is teaching the course.

How To Teach Excel Online

So, let’s get into it and see exactly how you can teach your own online PROFIT-MAKING Excel teaching course!

There are a few platforms available that I think stand out from the crowd.

Teachable Website

Teachable is an excellent course creator platform where you can build your own custom course website with your own domain name that gives your course that bit more authenticity.

Everything here is completely customisable from the layout of your content right down to the style of writing you choose.

Introduce different uses of multimedia such as images, videos, text and audios.

You can even implement quizzes, surveys, discussion groups and even offer certificates.

This all helps to deliver that much needed engaging learning experience for your students.

Teachable offer an incredible marketing facility where it allows you to target your key audience successfully to create awareness of your course.

Everything can be tracked and monitored from your own personal dashboard.

You can even try it out for free!

Thinkific Website

Thinkific is another great platform that enables you to build out your own Excel course website.

It has everything you need that will help you to create and develop out your course so that your students can learn easily!

All content you produce is totally customisable from your domain name down to wording on your course.

Thinkific have many features that helps improve user interactivity and engagement.

You can market and monitor your course through a range of marketing facilities that Thinikific has available so you can target your audience effectively.

Why not try it out for free?


So if creating and teaching your own online Excel course is something you’re interested, why not give it a go?

We have seen that:

  • The interest in there. People are searching online for ways to learn Excel to help improve their own situation whether it be for interest or career advancement.
  • People are willing to pay for a well-taught course that is informative and engaging.
  • There are very easy to use platforms that is going to help you create, design and market your own Excel course.
  • The opportunity to create your own full-time income couldn’t be easier that is going to allow you to live the life you’ve always wanted!

If you have any questions, please drop me a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you soon.

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