Teach Drawing Online – Earn Income Through Your Creativity

Teach Drawing Online

Drawing is something almost everyone grew up doing as a child.

The majority of us tend to lose the fascination with it as adulthood approaches.

Sad, I know

However, there is a lot of people out there that still wish to learn how to draw and at that- to be able to draw in quality detail.

Whether it be to be able learn the technique of drawing a face, different shading techniques or drawing certain animals or plants.

If you’re a person with a natural flair for drawing and feel that you have gained the skills necessary to be able to teach drawing well stick around as I’ll show just how successful you can become in teaching it but how lucrative it can be for you.

There are many people teaching how to draw online that are making full-time incomes from.

It’s crazy!

Getting paid to do what you love doing – it’s a win-win!

So, let’s delve a little deeper and see how exactly you can share your skills and earn consistent passive income!

Quick Stats Summary

Before we can see how to make money from teaching how to draw, we need to see how big our target market is firstly.

Let’s have a look at the trends to begin with:

Learn How To Draw Trend

This is a worldwide trend that spans over the past 5 years for the phrase ‘Learn how to draw’.

As you can see the trend takes a very slow, downward slope however – it’s very, very minimal.

What you’re looking to see here is the consistency of the trend.

This means there is people constantly searching the phrase ‘Learn how to draw’ everyday!

Another amazing place to discover where everyone looking for drawing techniques and tips is on YouTube and Pinterest. 

Rapid Fire Art Youtube Channel

RapidFireArt has over 630,000 subscribers!


Even SchaeferArt below has over 351,000

This just goes to show that people are online and watching videos so they can learn and  develop their own drawing skills.


Schaefer Art YouTube Channel

Pinterest is another amazing platform that allows people to see things visually.

There is a huge amount of following on Pinterest for people looking to learn how to draw.

Have a look at these two Pinterest accounts.

Trembling Art Pinterest

These followings that these accounts have are outstanding!

TremblingArt has 1.3 million unique viewers to the account each month

But take a look at EmptyEasel – they have 2.5 million unique viewers every single month!

Looking at these already successful YouTube and Pinterest accounts isn’t to show how well other people are doing.

It’s basically to show you how incredibly big the want is for people looking to learn how to draw.

As we’ve seen from the trend, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

I decided to look that bit deeper though and see how many people are actually taking classes and learning how to draw online.

Just have a look at these courses:

Pen & Ink Illustration Course – Over 18,000 students

Techniques for Pencil Portraits – Over 14,000 students

Fashion Illustration – Over 5,000 students

Drawing Eyes – Over 3,000 students

As you can see there are people constantly taking & learning different drawing courses.

If you were to teach your own course, you could easily grow a following such as the examples above.


Benefits of Teaching How To Draw Online

Being able to teach drawing online has many incredible benefits that can actually provide a better way of life.

Hear me out

First up….

Teaching Your Passion

Whether drawing is a hobby of yours or even a current career path – as long as your passionate about it, you can teach it!

Being able to share and showcase your knowledge to other like-minded people gives a great sense of giving back.

Your students will be able to take on-board your ideas themselves, helping to improve their own drawing styles

The plus side is that even though teaching requires work to introduce your classes – it’s not going to seem like work at all

It’s just what you love doing!


Almost the entire world is now connected online and this provides an incredible opportunity.

You don’t have to be restricted to your own location or travel to the nearest city to hold a workshop for a limited amount of people.


Teaching how to draw online to other passionate people allows you to share your skills, tips and tricks with people from the other side of the world.

Comfort of Your Own Home

You can easily teach how to draw from the comfort of your own home.

Having access to the Internet allows you to basically teach from anywhere you like.

Your home office, your kitchen table, your own studio – it’s up to you!

But just having the ability to teach from your own comforts makes it that much easier.

No Time Constraints

The amazing thing about teaching drawing online is that there is no time constraints. 

You teach when you want!

Whatever way you are planning on teaching, whether it be recorded videos or snapshot images of the progression of your drawings you can do it at your own pace.

The other benefit to it as well is that once you upload your class, it’ll always be there for people to enroll up to.

You could have uploaded a class online 3 years ago and people are still watching to this day.

Become an Authority in Drawing

The more classes you teach and the better quality of the classes – the more you’ll start to become an authority in teaching how to draw.

There will be people who will buy classes specifically from you as they’ll be able to see ratings and customer satisfaction.

The more ratings you have – the greater the authority which in turn results in greater earnings!

This is what I’ll be moving onto now.

Build a Full-Time Income!

One of the biggest and best benefits you’re looking for is the incredible income you can earn from teaching how to draw online.

There are a number of people who earning an absolute fortune from teaching different drawing techniques to people eager to learn.

Have a look at a couple of these high earners:

Online Drawing Course Income
Online Drawing Course Income 2

So let’s get a breakdown on these figures.

If we go off the ratings alone here, you can see the first course has over 67,000 ratings and this course is being sold at £14.99.

That’s just over £1 million!!!

Jaw dropping!

The 2nd course is also being sold for £14.99 with over 25,000 ratings.

That’s around £374,000!

These are some seriously impressive figures!

What you have to realise is too is that these figures are just going off the ratings….there’s a lot of people who took the course but haven’t even rated it!

I mean these courses are clearly providing what people want to learn.

How to shade, draw the effect of lighting and how to draw faces and figures and 3D characters.

As long as you’re providing  a good quality and engaging experience for the student, you’ll well be on your way to earning a full-time passive income.

Equipment You'll Need

In order to teach your own drawing course there are a few necessities you’ll need.


Can either be an expensive camera or your smartphone.

However, the better the definition of the video, the more engaging it will be.

Camera stand

Simple stands come cheap enough these days. Just something to hold your camera steady so you don’t have to.

Sketching paper or easel

How else would you should your amazing creations?

Your stationary (pencils, pens, crayon, chalk)

Whatever you choose to draw with, make sure you have it close to hand so you’re not searching for it when recording your class.


Having access to the Internet is a must. 

You’ll need to be able to upload your classes online.


This is where you’ll edit your recorded class, edit and post it online.

How To Teach Drawing Online

There are a few great platforms you can take advantage of that allows you to create your own website where you can design and develop everything to your own needs.

Having access to these platforms will allow you to teach your classes effectively.

Teachable Website

Teachable is a great online course creator that has a range of impressive tools that will develop out your classes to help provide engaging, appealing and interactivity with your students.

You can import and upload your own rang of multimedia from images, videos, texts and audios. 

You’ll be able to introduce quizzes, discussions and issue course completion certificates.

All to help improve the users experience.

You will be able to create and launch your own custom website or even add pages from Teachable to your current website – so you’re in total control of how you want to teach.

Thinkific Website

Thinkific is another amazing course creator.

It’s has a fully integrated system that allows you to develop your own custom brand that comes along with a whole suite of features that offers the optimum user experience.

You have full customisation power so you can create your website how you want.

Choose your own theme, colours, texts and layout.

The drag & drop feature makes it that much easier to import a variety of rich multimedia.

You can import your own videos, images, texts and audios and then also increase student engagement with quizzes, discussions and surveys.

Your course website is completely safe & secure with cloud hosting and daily backups.

It’s monitored 24/7 and has 99.9% uptime

You can try out Thinkific for free with their starter membership, so it won’t hurt in giving it a go!


So, to do a brief rundown on how well you can teach people how to draw

We’ve seen:

  • It is highly searched for by a lot of people looking to learn how to draw each day
  • There are thousands of people taking different drawing courses to improve their learning.
  • Some of the best course creators or instructors are making at least 6 digit incomes from teaching drawing.
  • There are amazing course creator platforms that help make easy, efficient and engaging courses to help build your own drawing courses online.

If you have any questions, please drop me a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

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