Teach Coding Online [ Earn Money Teaching Code! ]

Coding is an increasingly popular industry that more people every year are looking to learn and develop the skill for their own needs.

Every organisation in the world uses coding whether it be for websites, apps or software.

And with the online world that we have these days, it is slowly becoming high in demand!

Would you consider yourself to be efficient in coding?

Can you read the language of HTML?

If so, have you ever considered teaching code online to a growing network of eager learners?

Well, there are thousands of people across the world who would pay for quality teaching courses on exactly how to code.

Well let’s jump on in here and have a look at the rough overview of the sheer amount of people looking to learn code firstly.

Quick Stat Summary

One of the best ways you can get an idea of how popular people looking to learn code’ actually is would be by simply performing a quick trend search.

Learn Coding Trend

This images represents thousands of people searching online for the phrase ‘Learn Coding’.

This trend is taking a worldwide view over the past 5 years.

As you can see there are people searching for this phrase every single day and the trend is only increasing!

What really stands out is just how consistent the trend is from one year to the next.

So the demand is there!

What you really want to see is where people are hanging out these days online when searching for places to learn how to code.

Two of the best places to check out is YouTube and Pinterest.

Simply down to the fact that everything taught is so visual!

Have a look at these:

On YouTube, Programming with Mosh has over 590,000 subscribers!

He talks about everything coding and programming as it just what he enjoys doing!


FreeCodeCamp.org has a jaw dropping subscriber list of over 1.1 million people!

That is absolutely incredible!

This is a number of people uploading tutorials on coding to this YouTube Channel for people to learn.

They have a big following!

Moving over to Pinterest now and we can check out a couple of the big names in teaching code to learners.

Aly CodeHippo Pinterest

As you can see, Aly at CodeHippo has a successful Pinterest account with a following of 1,800 people and has 61,000 monthly unique viewers!

Mikke Goes Pinterest

Mikke Goes is one of the leading coding experts on Pinterest and has 6,500 followers with 508,000 monthly unique viewers!


Now, the point of showing you these successful YouTube and Pinterest accounts isn’t to discourage you by any means.

It’s to show you just how many people around the world are looking to learn code online!

If you were to look at all of the subscribers and followers on YouTube and Pinterest you would see that there are millions of people looking to develop their coding skills!

This is part of the pie that you can take advantage of by creating your own course.

So just to look slightly more in depth, I’ve had a look at some of the current numbers of people who are taking online coding courses.

Check this out:

Introduction to Coding – 2,325 Students

Modern CSS – 2,053 Students

Python Programming – 2,695 Students

Practical PHP – 2,370 Students

This is to further drive home the idea of starting your own online coding course.

The demand is there and people are taking & paying for these courses!

This could very well be you!

Benefits of Teaching Code Online

So what can you expect in return for teaching eager learners code online?

Well let’s see:

Teaching Your Passion

Being able to teach what you love doing is a massive feelgood factor is it not?

If you really enjoy working with of code and seeing it develop out into beautiful websites or apps that people use, teaching it may be your calling!

You can really add your own personal touch and help contribute to the E-Learning Coding industry.

And sure teaching to get paid from what you love doing isn’t work, is it?

Work From Home

What’s great about teaching online is that you can teach right from your very own home office.

No need to travel to hold workshops or even leave the house for that matter.

You could record a teaching class in the morning for a few hours and the rest of the day is yours.

No travelling, no more time stuck in traffic

You’ll have greater freedom working from home!


Having access to the online world means that you can teach your coding course from anywhere!

You’re not restricted by location.

You can teach your course, put it online and anyone with an internet connection can take it!

What’s amazing about teaching online instead of the old traditional ways is that you can reach out to a larger audience.

Being able to cast your net wider means more people will see your course and in return means larger sales and income!

No Time Constraints

By teaching online, your time is your own!

You can teach your coding course as fast or as slow as you want.

Design it around your life!

However the greater effort and push you put into it will allow for quicker sales and a faster income stream.

Whats great also is that once you have designed your course, people can take it anytime!

You could create your course today and 5 years from now people will still be taking it.

Become an Authority in Coding

If coding really is something your just incredibly passionate about and if you can design your own quality teaching course you will naturally start to become an authority in teaching code.

Trust me!

By putting out amazing, well taught content people will just naturally gravitate to your courses.

Build a Full-Time Income!

Now, one of the main benefits of teaching your own coding course online is going to be the opportunity of making consistent PASSIVE income every single month!

As we have already seen, the demand for people who want to learn how to code is already there.

They just require a good teacher!

We’ve seen that people are already buying different coding courses online so they are willing to pay.

If you can create your own coding course that is really going to help and provide the skills necessary for learners to code successfully will then, this could be for you!

Just have a look at this quick example:

Learning Code Course

Now, let’s just work from the figures we can see here.

This person is selling their course for £99.99 and as you can see it currently has 2,119 ratings.

Which is actually is very good!

That means this person would have been able to generate £211,878 in sales!!

Yes, £211,878!

That is incredible!

And this may have been a course they created years ago and to this day is still driving in profits!

Are you able to see the opportunities that lay in waiting here?

If you feel you can create and design your own quality coding course….this could very well be you!

Equipment You'll Need

In order to successfully create your own online coding course there is a few pieces of equipment you’ll need firstly:


A good camera with quality definition will help deliver your on-screen teachings to your audience.

The better the definition, the better the class.

Camera Stand

Simply just a stand to help prop up your camera so you have full use of your hands to write code.

Laptop / Computer

Very obvious but not only will it be used to write code but to put together and edit your courses.

Coding Software

Whether you plan on teaching through Python or Sublime, the choice is yours.

As long as you know the software in and out and can really showcase your skills.


Another very obvious piece of equipment.

You’ll need a decent internet connection to teach your course online.

How To Teach Coding Online

There are many ways you can teach people how to code properly online.

You can either do this through YouTube, Udemy or Skillshare but with these teaching platforms your classes or courses can become blended in with other people teaching the same thing.

So depending on how well your ‘selling point’ is it may become lost in the crowd.

However, I find there is a better way you can reach your own audience with your own custom domain name and website that could help you generate your own full-time income!

Teachable Website

Teachable is a great online course creator platform that delivers everything you need in order to build out your own coding courses.

You can set up your own website with custom domain name that really helps showcase what your course website is about or even add pages to your current website.

To create a really engaging user experience you can add a range of multimedia such as images, videos, pdfs, audios and much more.

Furthermore, you can engage with your students with quizzes, group discussions or even surveys.

It has 4 different memberships you can sign up to but you can sign up for free and check it out for yourself

Thinkific Website

Thinkific is another excellent online course creator.

Here you can set up your own website or even add content to your existing website.

What this will provide though is all the essentials you need to help deliver your coding course effectively to your audience.

It’s a powerful creator where you can really engage with your audience and help them learn the skills they are are need of.

Whatever way you deliver your courses by video, images or audios – Thinkific will help you build this out and package an incredible online coding course that will attract your target audience and in return boost your sales and revenue stream!


So, as we’ve just seen coding is become an ever popular skill that people from all over the world are looking to develop.

More and more people are looking for courses and classes online that’s going to help them fully achieve quality coding skills and are willing to pay for them!

From this you can make your own full-time passive income so you can be financially independent and work for yourself!

So if coding is your speciality, try teaching it and your own life will change for the better!

If you have any questions, please drop me a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you.


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